Board Meeting Management

Everything you need to make your Board Meetings run efficiently and effectively...

  • Create recurring and one-off agenda items and schedule them across the next 12 months. Ensure a balanced work-load across all meetings and reserve the right amount of time to the most crucial strategic topics;
  • Ensure that documents arrive on time for the Board attendees' attention by sending automatic reminders to those people responsible for creating them. Your Board members can either view documents as they are produced or, once collated, you can send them a complete electronic Board pack.
  • Manage the Board Meeting calendar in a full rolling 12 month view (or longer) and send Board members electronic invitations to attend, compatible with Outlook, Calendar etc. Eliminate last minute schedule clashes by establishing a well-managed long-term view;
  • Build Action Registers straight out of the Board Meeting to make sure that key tasks are executed on time. Any allocated actions can have automatic reminders, due dates, be added to future agendas and have any report-back documents included as part of future Board Packs.

Boardroom Guidance

Practical and useful guidance for Boards of all sizes to help get the most out of your Board meetings:-

  • Straightforward guidance written by experienced entrepreneurs, Board Chairs and Chartered Directors based on real-world experience, not just classroom theory.
  • Topics include How to Chair meetings, How to find, recruit, manage and benefit from Non-Executive Directors, How to handle conflict, How to structure Agendas, How to write useful Minutes and many more.
  • The Guidance includes downloadable flowcharts and templates for assessing and managing Risk, Governance and Boardroom performance, so that you can run your Board processes based on more than 100 years of experience.
  • Included is a complete end-to-end Strategic Review Process to run your own Strategic Review using techniques from the best-run Boards in the world. Comprising a 12 step set of templates and examples, the Boardroom Excellence Portal contains materials that cost tens of thousands of pounds to create, and based on years of practical experience.

Data Room

A secure store for all of your Board's critical documents which doubles as due diligence data

  • Ensure that every document needed by the Directors to make well-informed decisions is readily available in a secure, encrypted online data store. No more examples of "we'll need to defer that decision until we've found the contract" or "I don't think that we need to check that issue with shareholders".
  • The portal includes a pre-packaged folder structure that helps a Board make sure that they're keeping the right information.
  • When searching for new funding or preparing for an exit, the Boardroom Excellence Portal Data Room will provide all of the information that any due diligence process would require. This will show to any investor or acquirer that the business is well-managed and properly structured, leading to the best possible valuation and the shortest decision cycles.