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Templar Executives is a dynamic, highly skilled team of discreet Cyber Security and Information Assurance specialists. We have been integral in shaping the Government’s Cyber Security and Information Assurance agenda and have a proven track record of successful delivery within Government and FTSE 100 clients.

Our extensive experience of delivering Cyber Security services has improved and transformed organisations’ information maturity and developed their in-house capabilities.

This has successfully enabled organisations to secure, exploit and manage their information to sustain data integrity and gain and maintain a business information advantage over their competitors.

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The Boardroom and Cyber Security: the unspoken threat

  • 23rd September 2014
  • Boardroom Excellence News, Technology

Cyber security is one of the top five global risks for every organisation, from SMEs to the very largest multinationals. As the debate and publicity intensifies over consequences of breaches, Boards are facing a choice. They can either choose to make cyber security an integral part of their strategy or regard it as an inconvenience that needs to be addressed. This is a leadership issue. Doing nothing is not an option. Understanding the issues, taking personal responsibility, and developing the right strategy will be a key differentiator for business success.

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